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Benefits of Aqua-Exercise for older adults


When we reach our senior years, we confront the difficulty of maintaining a healthy level of physical activity while avoiding damage from falls and joint problems. Aquarobics is a great method to stay active, especially if you have chronic health concerns like arthritis, joint pain, or poor circulation. 


The benefits of aqua-exercise for older adults are

Increase muscle strength- Because water flows in numerous directions, the pressure in a pool maybe four to 42 times greater than air, offering a rigorous exercise for the body's muscles. A 2007 research revealed that after 12 weeks of regular water aerobic training, individuals had improved their strength, flexibility, and agility significantly.


Enhances balance and coordination- Decreased balance is a normal result of growing older, but aquarobics, combined with the water’s supporting effects for the human body, can help to prevent this. Seniors with poor coordination can continue to work on improving their balance, strength, and physical control in a safer, more supportive environment.


Relieves stress and anxiety- One of the most relaxing activity to do is watching the water bodies in motion and this can help in relieving stress and anxiety. Being in the water can also be just as relaxing.


Reduces blood pressure- The pressure in the water enables the blood to circulate efficiently throughout the body which helps in decreasing the blood pressure, and in the long run, decreasing resting heart rate.


Decreases joint pain- Aqua-exercise is easy on the joints, unlike land exercises. The floatation of water supports the body's weight and reduces the effect of gravity, allowing the exerciser to land safely. Aquarobics has a protective quality when it comes to more sensitive joints, tendons, and ligaments due to the lessened impact on the knees, hips, back, and ankles, lowering the chance of injuries and damage such as muscle pain, stress fractures, and even fractures.

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