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We have the perfect service for what you need!

Every elder is different, with their own unique needs. At ElderAid, we understand this and cater to each of them through our comprehensive, holistic suite of healthcare, wellness and concierge services.

These services are delivered by our well-trained Care Team, led by compassionate Care Managers, supported by a verified network of partners, to ensure that every ElderAid elder lives life fully!

  • Health of Elders

    Maintaining good health is paramount to holistic elder wellness. Our healthcare services range from at-home caretaking support to accompanied hospital visits, and everything in between.

    ElderAid Care Managers are even trained to conduct basic health checks at home! Our elders' wellbeing is of utmost importance, and, at ElderAid, we will go above and beyond to ensure their health and happiness.

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  • Concierge

    ElderAid has the small stuff covered too! We will buy your elder’s groceries, manage their pillbox, and even coach them to use their smartphones and computers! And we will do it with the utmost care and consistency.

    A happy elder is an elder without worries, and ElderAid is committed to ensuring that! We’re with your elder every step of the way!

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  • Wellness

    We are called ElderAid Wellness for a reason! We believe that holistic elder wellness is key to their wellbeing. Our suite of wellness services engages elders emotionally, mentally, socially and physically.

    We encourage our elders to have active social lives, pursue their hobbies, and follow their dreams, because you’re never too old to live life fully!

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