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End-to-end support as the 'Proxy Child'

Comprehensive, complete elder care and support delivered with quality and compassion - this is ElderAid’s promise. We firmly believe that our focus on holistic elder wellbeing is key to keeping our elders healthy and well. Get started on helping your elder live their life fully!

Our Mission

To help our Elders live happy, healthy, secure lives by providing them with trustworthy, holistic, compassionate, end-to-end support.

  • USP 24x7 Support
  • USP Trusted Care Managers
  • USP Personalised Service
  • USP Complete Care
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Plans & Prices

Find the best ElderAid plan for your parents!

Our curated packs – featuring a choice selection of our services – are carefully designed to meet your elder’s every need! Whether your elder is fit and independent or requires closer attention, we have handpicked services and built specific packs for your elder’s every need!

Don’t see a pack that fits your needs? You can even customize your own from our range of services!

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Our Family

Scroll through stories and testimonials from the ElderAid family!

Our elders, their children, our Care Managers, and our well-wishers all share their experiences with ElderAid.
From anecdotes to reviews, we cherish these heartfelt messages from our family!

Renuka Balaji

ElderAid is an invaluable support system for my parents and brings us huge peace of mind... I sleep better because of you.

Renuka Balaji Daughter, New Jersey
Jyoti Venkatesh Daughter, Canada
Our Family

In The News

Dignity and care
Dignity and care for elders in their golden years

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Live Life Fully
Your Story
Bengaluru-based ElderAid is helping senior citizens ‘Live Life Fully’

I am 70 years old, single, and living alone in Bengaluru’s Indiranagar area. I was recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s, which left me...

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Bangalore Mirror
A new ‘son-rise’ in their sunset years

With youngsters becoming economic migrants, Bengaluru startups are mobilising foot soldiers and caregivers who not only run errands but also...

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