Our Purpose

To help our senior citizens live happy, healthy, secure lives by providing them with trustworthy, holistic, compassionate, end-to-end support.

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ElderAid Services

End-to-end support as the 'Proxy Child'

Comprehensive, complete elder care and support delivered with quality and compassion - this is ElderAid’s promise. We firmly believe that our focus on holistic elder wellbeing is key to keeping our senior citizens healthy and well, enabling them to live life fully!

Care Services

At ElderAid, we will help you create a personalized care plan, carefully tailored to your every need! From seniors who are fit and independent, to those who requires closer attention, we ensure that our offerings are designed to reflect their uniqueness!

Our Suggested Plans are just the start! You can customize your own plan from our range of offerings.

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Our Family

Scroll through stories and testimonials from the ElderAid family!

Our elders, their children, our Care Managers, and our well-wishers all share their experiences with ElderAid.
From anecdotes to reviews, we cherish these heartfelt messages from our family!

Renuka Balaji

ElderAid is an invaluable support system for my parents and brings us huge peace of mind... I sleep better because of you.

Renuka Balaji Daughter, New Jersey
Jyoti Venkatesh Daughter, Canada
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One in Four Elderly Persons in India Lives Alone, ElderAid Aims for Holistic Assistance

Here is an informative article on elderly in India and how ElderAid provides holistic assistance.

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ElderAid in Hyderabad: A heartwarming haven for seniors, offering holistic and compassionate support

Hyderabad: Keeping the well-being of senior citizens as paramount, ElderAid plans...

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