Lockdown Support pack @ Rs. 5990 per month

Our Mission... To help our Elders live happy, healthy, secure lives by providing them with holistic, proactive, end-to-end support.

We proudly call ourselves the 'proxy' child!  Our suite of services are designed to support the Elder functionally in all ways, thereby ensuring that both the Elders and their children feel amply supported.  


Our Elders call their ElderAid Care Manager for all their needs - ranging from emergency medical support to arranging for a full time Caretaker / Home nurse to accompanying the Elder to the hospital for a check up or the mall for some shopping, or paying their bills, or helping them use their smartphone or just spending time chatting with them... 

We are committed to helping our Elders Live Life Fully!

Catch ElderAid's Founders, Vandana and Santosh on this podcast... talking about the genesis of ElderAid, their journey, elder wellness, the pandemic and much more!


Nursing Support
  • Full-time Nursing aide / caretaker

  • Emergency assistance
  • Accompanied hospital visit
  • GP Doctor home visit
  • Telemedicine
  • Wound dressing & injection
  • Physiotherapy at home
  • Diagnostic services
  • Digital at-home vitals check up
  • Medical history & updation
Wellness &
  • Bill payments, Errands & Shopping assistance

  • Accompanied travel and social visits

  • At-home tech support

  • Property mgt & maintenance

  • Social visits & chats

  • Tax returns, Paperwork filing/sorting


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