The world is moving online, and so must our elders.

Our dream is to empower senior citizens and help them use their technology with confidence. We don’t want technology to be intimidating or scary - rather, we hope every elder comes to see it as liberating.


Get Elders Online! (GEO!), is ElderAid Wellness’s free digital literacy program. Through this program, we hope to make elders everywhere tech-savvy. Improving one’s digital literacy will not only ease day-to-day tasks, but will enable socializing, entertainment, and engagement. We encourage everyone to sign up, either to technologically empower themselves, or to help us in bringing digital literacy to elders everywhere.

Every elder will be paired with a volunteer who will assist them with improving their digital literacy, using simple and easy resources created by ElderAid. With both written and visual instructions to support telephonic teaching sessions, elders will be comfortable with technology in no time.


Join ElderAid as we endeavour towards improving digital literacy in senior citizens across the country! Register with GEO! today.

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