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5 Benefits of Walking Outside


As regulations start to ease up and people start getting vaccinated, returning to the outside world for mundane things like walking and jogging are slowly becoming more and more common. That being said, the past year of lockdown has gotten people pretty used to the four walls of their house, and the reaction to going outside for a walk now brings a string of excuses, groans, and overall lack of enthusiasm.
However, there is no better time than now to be putting on your shoes and taking the step outdoors! Going on a walk outside is something incredibly beneficial for everyone, especially to those of older age, and we have 5 reasons why:
  1. Walking helps reduce stress
Studies have shown that walking benefits your mood by releasing endorphins in your bloodstream, the hormones commonly associated with happiness. Not to mention, it helps reduce stress levels. And after the year we have all had, who wouldn’t want that?
  1. Walking reduces blood pressure
Walking is known to reduce blood pressure and has an effect on lowering LDL (the kind of cholesterol that’s unhealthy). It’s also been observed to reduce the risk of certain kinds of cancers, as well as improve the immunity system.
  1. Walking helps keep the joints healthy
According to the Arthritis Foundation, the majority of the joint cartilage gets its nutrition from the joint fluid, which gets circulated with more movement. As you walk more, more oxygen and nutrients are brought to the joints through the fluid, improving joint health.
  1. Walking helps control blood sugar levels
Walking is known to help reduce the spikes of blood sugar levels that comes after meals. This is because the exercise allows for the body to utilise the sugar better, helping strengthen the muscles, as well as allowing insulin to work better.
  1. Walking outside can help your social life
Everyone knows its much better to do things with your friends! So, finding a walking buddy to walk with every day not only makes sure you’re both motivated every day, but also keeps your social battery up and alive, especially in the times we’re living in.

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