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Alleviate your parents' stressors!

The Small Stressors Felt By Our Parents and How ElderAid Helps Alleviate Them

Stress has unfortunately become a part of our daily lives. Whether the cause is busy roads or a busy mind, stress and anxiety always seem to be waiting at our front doors. Though we may acknowledge it as a part of our individual routines, stress should be alleviated when and where it can be, especially in the elderly.

Studies have shown that as we age, heart fitness and lung capacity decline, making it difficult to accommodate the body’s natural stress response. In our elders, symptoms of chronic stress include insomnia, appetite loss and a general increase in restlessness. But good news, there are many areas in our elders’ lives where we can decrease stress or even prevent it!


The upkeep of a house is not a joke. Even if there are people to help, preventing a pipe from bursting requires superpowers. Though we don’t know any local superheroes, we do know how to get these problems fixed, fast. Sometimes there are no current problems at home, but if the phone bill hasn’t been paid, a lack of security can cause needless stress. We make sure to take care of these simple tasks that have a big impact.


A visit to the doctor isn’t the most fun activity. Just the thought of having to go causes all of our hearts to jump at least a little. For many elders, this stress is coupled with travel anxiety. How do I get to the doctor? Will I be late? Will I be able to find an auto-rickshaw? Do I have to ask for someone’s help to get there? These are all significant stressors in an elder’s life, especially the last one. Having to ask someone for help can cause our elders to panic at the last moment. But don’t worry, this is an easy issue to solve! Planning beforehand can save some grey hairs and we provide travel assistance as well.


One of the most important stressors to talk about which is commonly overlooked is the fear of not being able to live independently. Our elders love their independence, after all, they probably single-handedly brought up rambunctious children in their younger days! Losing this independence due to health deterioration can be a tough blow. Having the words ‘you cannot do this, at this age’ or ‘this is no longer possible for you’ can cause great sadness coupled with anxiety. Our caregivers have been trained to look after the elders on their terms. They are never made to feel old but are still helped every step of the way. This balance between independence and safety is a difficult one but it is one that is essential to living both happily and fully.

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